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CEN/TC 181

Dedicated liquefied petroleum gas appliances


CEN/TC 181 Scope

The standardization of the following appliances using liquefied petroleum gas in terms of safety, efficiency and fitness-for-purpose: a) domestic flueless space heaters (excluding catalytic combustion); b) domestic flueless catalytic space heaters; c) barbecues and cooking appliances for use outdoors; d) small non-domestic space heaters; e) appliances operating at vapour pressure; f) refrigerating appliances; g) space heating appliances for use in vehicles and boats. Note: items c) and f) will be the bases for standards for barbecues and refrigerating appliances, respectively, burning other gas families; h) hoses, nozzles, hose connectors and hose assemblies for LPG; i) high and low pressure regulators and change over devices for LPG.


Mr Eric Balcaen
Mr Jean-Baptiste Jarry

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